Wednesday, August 17

PaisleyMake Blogger Preview Event

Are you a blogger or vlogger? We welcome you to an exclusive blogger preview of PaisleyMake on Wednesday 31st August from 11am.

Renfrewshire Council together with Scotland Re:Designedand InCube warmly welcome you to preview the unmissable PaisleyMake, a heritage-led festival of creativity in Paisley with a unique line-up of internationally recognised industry and textile professionals.

At 11am, Dr Dan Coughlan, Textiles Curator at Paisley Museum & Art Galleries will kick-start celebrations providing you with a personal tour of the collection followed by brunch within the museums’ atmospheric surroundings.

You will then be first to browse the SR:D curated exhibition and shop within the historical Paisley Abbey including emerging designers at Fashion Foundry alongside the likes of Rebecca Torres, Elizabeth Martin Tweed and Kerrie Aldo. Expect big manufacturers such as Scottish Leather Group and MYB Textiles.

As a thank you, we invite you to take front row seats at our first speaker session ‘The Gentlewoman and I, The Making of a Women’s Magazine’ talk with Penny Martin, founding-editor of The Gentlewoman magazine at 2:30pm.

To round off your day of discovery, InCube are offering a fun filled workshop with InCubee, Misty Concepts – make your own origami creation! Then pop over to the InCube Shop to meet emerging Paisley designers and pick up a complimentary goody bag.

To book your free space, please RSVP to including whether you will be attending InCube’s afternoon workshop and store visit asap.

Friday, August 12

Fashioned in Glasgow - Kickstarter Campaign



Fashioned in Glasgow is a brand new support network for the city’s fashion design scene, and they’re asking for your help to make Glasgow a leader in the field. From mentoring, manufacturing to machinery, FIG is a designers one stop shop into creating their own business. The mentoring company’s Kickstarter Campaign is now underway, and there are some fantastic rewards for backers.

It’s no secret that Glasgow is a Scottish fashion hub. From outlandish millinery to practical backpacks, you can get it all right on your doorstep. Additionally, it’s a city full of community spirit, and Fashioned in Glasgow are facilitating this – as well as providing mentoring and studio space – for fashion start-ups that need a boost.

This Kickstarter will give the organisation, run by Kelvin College fashion lecturers Aimee Bride and Alison Malcolm, the tools to develop their rentable studio space, industrial sewing machines and cutting tables, as well as workshops, business advice and an all-round style hub. The facility will also offer affordable small and large scale manufacturing. Which is something many brands struggle to source.

The hub, which has already received backing from First Port and Glasgow City Council, will provide industrial work experience and internships for fashion designers of any age, and aims to develop Modern Apprenticeships in manufacture, creating jobs and boosting the local economy.

They’re looking for £10,000, which co-founder Aimee says will foster “entrepreneurialism with fashion designers and independents so as to keep them in Scotland.” She states: “We are both extremely passionate about this venture. As fashion lecturers - once ourselves setting up in business - we know how hard it is to find the support needed to succeed and we hope that Fashioned In Glasgow will fill this gap!”

The target building for the team is the historic Mercat Building at Glasgow Cross, which was built in 1922. FIG plan to take this recognisable piece of Glasgow’s landscape, and continue its legacy for a new generation.

Rewards for backers range from afternoon tea and an Olaplex treatment at cult salon #BLOW salon, to limited edition clothes, to massive discounts on studio space rentals. Or style lovers have the option make a pledge and get the VIP treatment at the FIG fashion show.

Already successful labels in Scotland have made use of the FIG expertise, including Samantha Paton of cult brand Isolated Heroes. She says: “They provide an excellent service with low minimums which makes it easier for small businesses like us to start manufacturing our products,” and adds “It is extremely important for people to get behind this campaign and support the fashion and textile trade in Scotland… which will be beneficial to all designers, graduates and brands, as well as strengthening the economy.”

Find their Kickstarter details here and help support Scottish fashion.

About the brand

Acting as a support system for brands in their first five years, Fashioned in Glasgow take fledgling designers and give them the tools to make their ideas a success. Started by Kelvin College fashion lecturers Aimee McBride and Alison Malcolm, the company facilitates new labels both with physical tools (studio space, industrial machines and use of a factory at a discounted rate) and mentoring, tutorials and networking opportunities.

Not only this, but with every brand that signs up, the community grows as does the standing of Glasgow fashion. Designers can choose from monthly or annual memberships, with low rates and scalable options depending on their budget.

Their aim is to plant the city even more firmly on the style map, create jobs, and boost the economy with successful and innovative brands.

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Wednesday, August 10

Life After University with Romana Ali

Hey, loves - hope you are all well.

My name is Romana, I'm 25 years old and I blog about all things beauty, fashion & life over on - I started my blog as a creative outlet a little while ago and it has since grown and turned into a much enjoyed hobby! Make sure to follow me on Instagram at @romanablogs and on Twitter at @romanaalix. Make sure you any fellow bloggers send me your blog/social media links - as I love reading new blogs and getting to know you guys.
I have been working full time since the day I left my final University degree, and I always get asked the same question by friends and others: don't you miss it? Wouldn't you like to go back? Ahem... To answer that - maybe I should go back to the very start.

I remember the day I found I was going to uni. I was so "stoked".
I honestly thought it was going to be like how the first series of The Hills was. I mean I was going to GCU, not FIDM ahaha. Boy, how wrong was I?

Anyhoo, getting the coach at half 7 to be on time for a 9am class was not glam at all. Even less glam was me fully embracing the student lifestyle and dressing like a Primark hobo. Hey, I'm not knocking Primark - their stuff just wasn't as fab back in 2009 - and I deffo did not wear the fab stuff that they did stock. I dressed the same every day. Jeans, tee, cardi. In every single colour known to man. What was wrong with me. Let's not forget the scarves. Ew.

What was even more ew at uni was making fake/shit friends. You know the ones, the ones who are all for you when times are great, but when shit hits the fan - they're on the other end whispering and gossiping. Luckily for me - I've always had thick skin and never really have given a damn. Girl, bye!

Then came the year of the fashion queens. GCU was rife with little girls who dressed to impress every single day. Long gone was the hobo me - I needed a new outfit every damn day due to constant judgement every time I stepped into Level 2 of the Library. Long gone was also my SAAS Student bursary. Hello lots of new clothes I barely knew how to style.

I'm not gonna lie you guys - I was genuinely there to learn. WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT?! I was from a very small town who didn't know how to act in the same bitchy fashion as everyone else. And I was fine with that. I made a few life-long friends (one who is now my husband) and I got one with my studies - which I bossed by the way.

I then moved onto my second Uni which was just so much more chilled out in terms of student lifestyle. No one was trying to impress each other in suped up cars or the latest MAC foundation/lipstick. They were there with their coffees, and laptops to learn. The teaching at Strathy was a lot more lax though. It was nothing compared to GCU - and I was paying for it this time. Gutting. None of the lecturers knew your name, nor would they ever. Lectures went from 3 a week per module to 2 a week, and seminars/tutorials? They went from 10 a semester per module to just 4. I was lost for the first time ever, academically.

Adjusting your style of studying after 3 years at one university to a completely different style to fit another University was hard. Really hard. What do you mean you guys don't use Harvard style referencing?! What's a footnote when it's at home?! You don't hand it in as a hard copy?! SO much confusion!!

Beyond this though - I tried to enjoy myself more by catching up with school friends who attended this Uni, lunches with friends, dinners, and lots of other fun activities to fill up big gaps in the day. By this time, my makeup and style skills had gone up 10 fold. However, I must admit looking back; I really did not need to wear my Naked 2 palette every single day. Chopper pretty much lived on my eyelids for 6 weeks. I looked fab though - so feck it!

All in all, I don't think I would change anything about my time at university. I studied hard, but I also made friends, went out for a lot of lunches; did a lot of fun things, really! After 6 years of University studying though - I am exhausted! Completely, and utterly. I didn't get my dream job after Uni - but I got one in-between which I am very much happy about. Uni did teach me a lot about life, the people in your life, and the type of person you want to be.

My advice to University Students? Make the most of it. Working full time for the rest of your life is no joke. At Uni - you wouldn't believe how much free time you have. I could easily go to bed at 3am and be up for a 10am class. You cannot do that for work *sobs* (please don't try it either). I don't get to come home to a dinner cooked by my mother anymore - I have to come home tired, and ready to cook my own dinner - making me even more tired. Don't even get me started on the washing up that comes afterwords. Would I ever go back? Do I miss it? No, and no. Onwards and upwards only.

What was your University Experience like? Let me know!

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